I was just reading article, from Science Alert about an Exoplanet that scientist are considering as possibly being in the habitable zone for life of our type. Here is a link to the article titled,

This Exoplanet Could Actually Be Habitable After All, And It’s Not Even That Far

A single light year is equal to 5,878,625,541,248 miles. This “not even that far” planet is planet is 124 light years from us. Unless we have FTL (Faster Than Light) tech, what is the point? I find it to be a bit of a paradox that most scientist will state that there are no little gray aliens visiting us, and yet, we are checking out our neighbor’s big blue marble at more than 124 light years away.

I’m not saying don’t window shop but based on the conditions we’ve helped create right here, perhaps we should take care of what we’ve got.

We already know what we need to do, but we lack the “will” to do it. A human life span is short, and change is slow, I hope that in a few generations we will have evolved into better custodians of our world. It’s clear now to me, that it will not happen within my lifetime. We are still a species that, for the most part, lives in fear and who reactions and responses are driven by this primal instinct.

A great deal of human least desirable behavior can be traced to our fear response. It has its place, as long as we identify it and understand that It is the impetus for our actions. Our fear of the darkness drove us to seek out the light, to create the means to illuminate our surroundings, but it is also used to increase labor productivity.

Other times fear has been, and still is, the engine of racism and hate. It is only when we face our fear and accept it, and determine if it is rational or not, that we can even hope to come to terms with it and not be ruled by the darkness in our minds that sometimes rules our hearts.

Seek out the light…