Is what we perceive as reality just the wool pulled over our eyes?

Our advancements in the field of Quantum mechanics are nothing short of astonishing.

First, to have your mind blown, you need a fundamental understanding of quantum tunneling. In simple terms, quantum tunneling refers to a phenomenon where an electron can phase through a barrier and move to the other side. However, as Richard Feynman said, “if you think you understand QM (Quantum Mechanics), you don’t understand it at all.”

Yes, you read that right. Quantum tunneling is an electron passing through a solid barrier, otherwise known as an insulator, to the other side. Of course, this is happening at the quantum scale, but the fact it can happen and does happen further suggests that the reality that we perceive is a construct whose platform is built or assembled at a quantum level.

ScienceAlert recently published an article, “For The First Time Ever, Physicists See Molecules Form Through Quantum Tunneling

Our perspective on reality is relative, further hindered by our egocentric brain structure, which is truly essential to basic survival in the wild. The Homosapien form does not afford the lone human many defensive or offensive tools, even against a rabbit raccoon. Yet, that same human form working together in a group has potential both defensively and offensively. Within that group will form a leader who, in one form or another, will lead the group. That the individual who leads the group will be seen by the group as important, and that individual will see themselves as important to the group. From this evolves what some call a natural hierarchical society. Rather than delve any deeper into this subject, I would simply refer you to look into sociology for greater insight. Much of what we see in terms of behavior stems from the ego. “I am important to the group”

The problem is that the ego establishes much of what is perceived and is tainted by layers of experience from which the ego is built; we are not born with egos. Rather, the ego is built from our environmental interactions and experiences, which informs our perceived reality. Consequently, by seven or eight years of age, most human children establish a foundation for the world around them and accept those things as fundamental, which precludes or at least limits their beliefs. This is to say, we become blind to the true nature of reality in order to survive.

There is a reason why people who have taken psychedelics or who have had an NDE (near-death experience) experience a fundamental change in their perception of the world around them and hence their perception of reality. Essentially because they have had their sense of self modified by the event, effectively, for that brief moment having the ego nullified, resulting in a new, less dominant self-centric view of the world.

These discoveries in quantum mechanics demonstrate that our perceived reality is not the actual reality but simply an outer layer whose underpinning conceals a much greater truth that is all around us.