It’s still “spooky action at a distance,” but it is real… And that changes everything

I think Einstein would be satisfied that we finally have the technology to demonstrate the interaction of particle entanglement. Of course, we still need to understand the Mechanism behind the interaction. At least we can be certain that its action is real.

A brief recap; Entangled particles always share the same state. If one is positive, the other is positive, and vice versa. Here is the part Einstein took exception to if one of the entangled particles is changed to a negative state, so is the other, regardless of the distance between them, and it happens instantly, which means it’s happening faster than the speed of light and the distance doesn’t matter, it can be nanometers or thousands of miles. Einstein didn’t like this result and referred to it as “spooky action at a distance.” 

The implications are tremendous as it suggests that our reality resembles a graphical interface. The user graphical interface works in our day-to-day physics, but beneath that graphical interface is an operating system that runs at the quantum level. This doesn’t mean we are living in some virtual reality game, but it may mean that we have unconsciously been building models of our true reality.

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