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The article, A Tiny Area of the Brain may enable Consciousness, Says “EXHILARATING” Study, Offers an interesting discovery of how the brain works. Of course, consciousness, awareness of the physical world via the construct of the brain, does not explain the existence of the living force or spirit. Still very interesting.

Are you a Living being, having a spiritual experience or are you a spiritual being having a human experience?

I’ve got a bit of an obsession with death, or at least the concept of death within the realm of this reality. It has nothing to do with my personal experience winding down my own mortal coil. Since I was a child, I’ve been fascinated by what this existence is about. I have several personal stories, that I will share another time, but I will simply say, that as a child I remember what came before.

I have studied many reports of Near Death Experiences (NDE). There are many stories where the person having the NDE reports watching and listening to discussions between people who were not in their immediate location, in some cases, not even in the same state. The discussions and events that the NDE experiencer claims to have witnessed are often documented as taking place, as reported. Those who reject these reports, suggest that upon waking in order to make sense of the events, the brain of the NDE experiencer confabulates to fill in the blanks. This could make sense except the information reported is often proven to be factual. Even if only one report was proven to be correct, it would be extraordinary, and yet there are many. Further, some people studying the NDE’s state that the entire experience is simply a natural mechanism built in to calm the individual going to the death experience. This makes absolutely no sense, as nature does not create a mechanism that has no functional value, additionally this suggests that nature somehow has insight of the experiences of dead people.

This evidence that something more is going on after death is very interesting because it forces me to confront an important paradox – It is believed that the brain is the device which records and stores our memories and experiences, but if the brain is not functioning during a NDE event, yet the individual who is experiencing the NDE reports memories of actual events that took place, where are the memories being stored if the brain is essentially offline?

My conclusion is that nature doesn’t waste anything, the experiences of everything is a form of information, essentially data, it would not just be wasted. In quantum physics there is a theory, in short, data / information is not lost, but converted to another form. I suspect that this conserved data and information takes the form of a yet undocumented type of consciousness, whom we only see the distant effects of, like the weak effect of gravity in this dimension.

Check out this link and read the stories, https://www.nderf.org/ Some of the stories

Here is a link that discusses the quantum mechanics


In Buddhism, there is a desire to silence, through meditation the chatter of what is sometimes referred to as the “Mad Monkey” which chatters inside our heads. It is extremely difficult to do, and when it does occur, for that moment a glimpse of our true reality can be held. We are both the many and the one. If you could silence your mind, you would feel the presence of everything. The brain is the filter, that is blocking our ability to see beyond the veil, behind the curtain. We believe what we are experiencing is life, but I suspect it is not life at all, we just interpret it as such because we have no reference, due to the filtering effect of our own physical brains.