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Every day it seems a new advancement arrives in the battle against Alzheimer’s. Time is of the essence, with every passing year many lives are laid waste to this disease. There have been advancements in high resolution scanning in identifying the damage that is done to the structure of the brain, which until recently, only verified post mortem. Plaque, which is formed  by amyloid beta creates interference between the brain cells, preventing them from communicating, eventually resulting in the death of the cell. Much like static on a telephone connection, information is lost, and eventually if the problem isn’t corrected, it gets worse, until it can’t be overcome.

Until recently, it was believed that once memories were lost as a result of the damage to the brain, that they were gone forever, but a number of studies have surfaced demonstrating that the memories can be restored. From Science Alert, they reported that Australian researchers are working on a non-invasive ultrasound technology that clears the brain of neurotoxic amyloid plaques. The article published March 18, New Alzheimer’s treatment fully restores memory function, explores this news.

It is my belief that Alzheimer’s is in fact a type of Prion disease, possibly triggered by an unidentified environment compound, either manmade or natural. You may know prion disease by it’s more popular name Mad Cow disease. Without getting too technical, prion disease is the misfolding of proteins within the brain, which leads to plaque. I chat more about this in an earlier article, Prion Disease, The Poisoning of the Public.

Today, Alexandra Ossola of Popular Science, reported about IMPLANTED DEVICE FIGHTS PLAQUE BUILDUP IN BRAIN. An informative article that provides insight and hope. Please give Alexandra’s article a read.

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