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It is generally accepted that the laws of physic’s at the very birth of the Universe were different than they are today. Just how they were different is not yet known. When someone imagines a “how” that is perfectly convincing to all others, that can not be disputed, the truth will form and be accepted as fact.

If the laws of physic’s have changed since the Big Bang, how do we know that our known reality at the current moment has not been distorted. From our perspective all would be right in the world, as reality is relative to the person experiencing it.

In the wake of those distortion we might be left with fantastic myths about a world that appeared in many ways to be like ours, but a little different. A little extraordinary, or mistily. Today if a man changes water into wine, at best we’d think an entertainer stood before us. At worst, a con man who is surely about to request money or is working with another to pick pocket the crowd. Either way, we feel sure that the man did not transform the water into wine. Yet, in our hearts we want to believe it is possible. Maybe it’s because we all believe that the rules can be bent. Not all the time and not for everyone, but certainly for us as individuals. Certainly we can sometimes bend the rules of reality, now and again… If we are wearing our lucky socks, and did all the right things in the right order.

If we believed, would a new truth arise resulting in the manifestation of a different reality?