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I recently read in the New York Times, an article discussing the possibility of Faster than light speed travel. The process involves the warping of speed time in front and behind an object. Compression of space time in front of the object and expansion behind it, would in theory propel an object forward in what would be a warp or bubble in the fabric of space.

Of course a discussion about warping space time would not be complete without comparing it to Star Trek’s warp drive system. This is no surprise, we’ve already got wireless communication, hand held computers, maker bots (low end replicator) and the beginnings of a teleportation device which all mimic the things we’ve seen in the television show.

The warp drive discussed is only a proof of theory project, but none the less it is worth noting the event because it puts us one step closer to making an imagined possible, a reality. If only we could close the gap between our social wow’s as Gene Roddenberry had envisioned. I have hopes that I might see it happen within my life time, but admittedly I feel we’ve had a number of set backs in the last few years socially even though our technology continues to grow at a shocking rate.

It feels as if we are nearing a tipping point. The question is what will we tip to, doom or enlightenment and a new age for the human species. What role will each of us play in shaping tomorrow?