Today, I happened across an interesting article from, discussing possible changes to Social Security Disability program, proposed by the current administration. The headline read,

The Trump administration has just declared war on Social Security

This article presentation is a bit theatrical, but it has a valid point. On the surface it would appear that the administration wants to root out fraud in the social security disability program, and that would be good for all of us who contribute to the program. My concern is that this administration will be overzealous in its desire to cut people off a program which it views as an entitlement, when in truth it is actually an earned benefits.

Most of us are in favor of social programs that help our citizens when they fall on difficult times, that’s why we formed a society because we realized that the strength of the many, is greater than the few or the one.

Those who steal from these social programs are thieves, and should be treated as such, but let us not treat all who utilize these services as thieves. We need to lead using the grace of our humanity.