March 18th, 2016 General Mills announced, it will start labeling its products that contain genetically modified ingredients.

This has been something the agricultural industry has fought for years and I for one am glad that General Mills is responding to the demands of the public.

Are foods that have been produced by Genetically Modified Organisms less safe? It would appear that genetically modified organisms are safe for consumption, at least in the short term. That is to say, we don’t know what the long term impacts are, so it is difficult to weigh in on that aspect of the discussion.

It’s not about safety, it’s about your right to know.

The issue is not are they safe, the issue is the right to know information about the foods you are eating. We are all consumers, and without clear labels and guidelines on all the products we purchase, informed decisions are not possible.

Would you buy sneakers made by child labor? I’m sure some will say yes if it meant getting a lower price, justifying the position by thinking, “If I didn’t buy this stuff, that kid might starve. I’m helping to feed the poor, while teaching children the importance of a good work ethic.” No, not really. You’re mostly helping to feed the profit margins of the greedy and support a system that is a stone’s throw from slavery and as you can tell I strongly disagree with it, but you should have the right to know, it should be your choice.

Will the announcement affect my next purchase? Possibly, as it is I avoid making purchases from companies like Wal Mart’s because along with their low, low prices comes low, low wages and benefits for their employees, remember we’re not talking about a small Mom and Pop operation. Conversely, I do shop at places like Costco’s because they offer fair wages and benefits to their employees. I can only make these choices because the information is available about the low wages.

What is Suspicious; is the fight not to label, not to inform the public, to impede the freedom to choose, to know. The reasons are unclear, but it’s something think about.