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Dear Train Operator,

Let me offer you my apologies. I had no intention to cause you, or your family, any harm or despair. Under the conditions, you conducted yourself as best you could. You should blame me for the events of today and only me. You were only doing your job.

You might ask, why? That’s something I’ve asked myself many times.

Your train arrived almost every day at 6:33. I often watched your train roll into the station and dreamt of today. One day, while waiting on the platform for your arrival, the answer was revealed to me. Your train pulled into the station as usual, but when the train doors opened, instead of getting on board, I just stood there. Someone behind me shouted,

What are you waiting for?

At that moment, I realized, They were right, I didn’t have to wait.

I hope what I’ve shared, some how helps you during this time. I can’t explain why, I’ve done what I have done, but I don’t have to wait anymore.

My train has finally arrived.