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Are our lives our own? We think that our actions are of our own free will. But are they? There are intricate connections in our lives, that tie us to a circle of people. A circle of people for whom we have been destined to interact with. All you need to do is start asking questions about important people in your life, who are not family. Get details about their time line of events and places. You will start to notice that you nearly met them two or three times, before finally meeting them. Your paths had crossed, but the timing was wrong. A year too soon or sometimes only minutes apart. You will be amazed at what you find. If you don’t see this to be true, it’s because your not looking hard enough.

Albert Einstein once said “God does not play dice.” In short, there are no coincidences!

This would suggest that there is an intelligence at work. Humor me and say that I’m on to something. What would it mean?

For some, it might mean that there is a plan. If so, who’s plan is it? I’ve thought about this question many times over my life. A few of my friends have suggested that the answer is, “It’s God’s plan,” but that’s too simple for me.

Who the planners and architects of this reality are, is not nearly as important as, why create a reality, that is so immersive that the occupants are unaware of it’s existence?

There are many plausible answers, but my favorite avenues of thought are; One, we have been placed here as a type of imprisonment and thereby have no choice in the matter. Two, We have all elected to play this game of life as a form of entertainment. Three, We believe that we live on a planet, in an outer galaxy, on spiral arm of a solar system. We might just be nano particles of much larger organisms. Does the hair on your arm know of the hair on your toe. I’d say it’s unlikely.

If this was a computer simulation, the computer power required to calculate the number of variations for just a small group of people would be on a scale so great that the only possible device capable of performing such computations would be a quantum computer. Of course this presents a small problem. We only recently have come close to a working quantum computing device and not everyone would agree that is true. This suggests, that if this is a type of virtual simulation, it is being done with a technology far beyond what is around us today. Even if you limit the number of variables, and constrained free will, it would still be beyond us. If we put the tech stuff to the side and consider that we are doing this for entertainment purposes, then it all gets simpler. We’re on holiday within our own minds, like in the virtual vacation in the movie “Total Recall“. Our own brains are used as the super computers to create the simulation we call life. The reason we are unaware that we are on a virtual vacation is obvious, it would not be as much fun if you knew it was all make believe.

Another avenue: We are not here by choice. We have been sent here for some reason. Made prisoners of our own consciousness, because that is the only cell that could constrain us. Our power to reshape reality held at bay. Our ability to transform and manifest the world as desired limited by the rules of the environment.

I can not fathom who would have the ability vanquish another, but as to the why. We could be the losers of a war or have been found guilt of some crime and are being forced to exist here in this reality.

Either avenue could explain why we are continuously trying to understand how the world works. Just think, one day a someone will find the off switch and the simulation will end. Then the true reality will be revealed.