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I recently heard about an inventor working on self assembling physical and biological materials. The inventor from MIT, Skylar Tibbits gave a presentation in the form of a TED Talk regarding this concept.

The concept in a nutshell is that you can program micro and nano particle materials to change states and behaviors depending on local environmental smart interactions, utilizing passive energy like heat, cold, gravity and magnetics. You could almost define them as intelligent. The applications are truly boundless. I suggest that you check out his TED Talk, because he does a far better job of defining his work than I.

Nature does this all the time and it is the back bone of everything that is around us. If nature combines the right particles we get different compounds. We have known for sometime how to manipulate particles to get the compounds that nature has provide, using the preprint instruction, but now for the first time we are able to imprint our on set of instructions at a base level that has never been possible before.

We are looking at the face of God and it is our reflection.